Design Submission T&Cs

By submitting a design, you agree to the following:

  1. The project is open to all artists amateur and professional.
  2. You may submit up to 3 designs in total and a maximum of 2 designs per artist may be chosen.
  3. The design submission deadline is midnight on Monday 8th January 2024.
  4. All terms and conditions in this application form a part of the agreement between you and St Richard’s Hospice in connection with the Waddle of Worcester and by submitting your work you are agreeing to be bound by all T&Cs in the application form/process.
  5. You must be the sole creator and owner of all intellectual property rights of the work entered, or if the work(s) is/are not your own in full, you must have sole permission in writing from the copyright owners to use his/her work. Proof of permission in use of another person’s work must be made available on request. St Richard’s does not accept any liability in the publication of any reproduced art.
  6. The design must represent a piece of work that you have the ability to reproduce on a 3D sculpture.
  7. Any additions or modifications to the sculpture must be approved by St Richard’s Hospice prior to any work commencing.
  8. As this event has a long lead in time, the submission process will vary and updates can be found on the website ALL entries must be accompanied by a completed Artist Submission Form. Postal copies must include the original, plus 2 copies of your design.
  9. No allowances will be made for any work that arrives later than the designated deadline.
  10. All personal data provided by you may be used by the Waddle of Worcester, Wild in Art and St Richard’s Hospice for communications or marketing unless you specifically opt out in writing. Your data will not be shared with any third party outside of those mentioned.
  11. The entry of any work to the selection process for the event constitutes a grant to St Richard’s Hospice and Wild in Art of the non-exclusive rights to re produce your work in connection with the promotion of the event and the work of St Richard’s Hospice or Wild in Art at any time in any media perpetuity.
  12. You consent to the use of your work, name and photograph in any promotional material carried out by St Richards Hospice, Waddle of Worcester or Wild in Art without any further compensation.
  13. Your work will be reviewed by the Waddle of Worcester and shortlisted by a panel of local experts before the sponsor event. Only shortlisted designs will be shown to the sponsors at the Waddle of Worcester’s discretion.
  14. Work will be commissioned after consultation with the event sponsors. This decision on all matters related to the work selected is final. No further correspondence will be entered into. Some work may also be used outside of the sponsors event commissioning process.
  15. Upon commissioning, St Richard’s Hospice will provide the sculpture at no cost to you. Cost of materials is your responsibility with the exception of varnish which will be provided. If you are not able to paint the sculpture in the public painting space you will be responsible for cost of transporting the sculpture to your studio or place of painting and returning to Worcester City, unless otherwise agreed in writing with St Richard’s Hospice.
  16. You will provide a list of materials and recommend paint brand and colours you plan on using on your sculpture.
  17. St Richard’s Hospice reserves the right to withhold any fee payable to you in connection with the event if in its sole opinion the quality of the finished work falls below that which can be reasonably expected for public display and/or is substantially different from the submitted design.
  18. The sculpture remains at all times the property of St Richard’s Hospice and must be returned in good order.
  19. If the sculpture is returned unfinished by you or deemed to be irreparable due to damage whilst in your possession, you shall be charged the full replacement cost of the sculpture.
  20. St Richard’s Hospice will award a commissioned artist with an honorarium of £900. Payment will be made in 2 instalments; 50% in March 2024 and 50% on return of the completed sculpture, subject to sign off, and all relevant paperwork. Payment will be made within 28 working days of each invoice being received.
  21. Subject at all times to your prior agreement, St Richard’s Hospice and Wild in Art, may from time to time, produce copies of the completed sculpture in both 2d and 3d form (e.g. posters/ figurines). Any agreement reached in connection with any facsimile of your design should include consideration to be paid to you by St Richard’s Hospice and/or Wild in Art and require transfer of rights to St Richard’s Hospice/Wild in Art.
  22. Following the trail event, the sculptures will be auctioned to raise money for St Richard’s Hospice. Artists will be invited to renovate the sculpture, subject to, if required, an agreed additional fee.
  23. By entering your work for consideration to be selected to be used in the event and for eligibility for payment of the honorarium you warrant that you have all the required rights and consents to submit the work and allow St Richard’s Hospice and Wild in Art to use the work in connection with the Waddle of Worcester. You also agree to the assignment of all the intellectual property rights you hold in connection with the work and the sculpture to St Richard’s Hospice and Wild in Art and acknowledge that St Richard’s Hospice and Wild in Art have full right and title to the work and penguin sculpture you produce in connection with the event.

Design Guidelines

When submitting a design, consider the following:

  • The design submission deadline is Monday 8th January 2024.
  • You may submit a maximum of 3 designs.
  • Designs are only accepted via the design template, which is available to download from this website.
  • You must be the sole creator and owner of the work entered, if not, you must have permission in writing from the copyright owners.
  • The design must represent a piece of work that you have the ability to reproduce on a 3d sculpture.

When designing your penguin it is important to remember:

  • Use of corporate logos in designs and designs with political, sexual and religious connotations are not accepted.
  • Each design must be suitable and safe for public display in a public venue.
  • The artwork must withstand the rigours of outdoor and city living. Artwork that is fragile or deemed to present a public safety hazard will not be approved.
  • Altering or adding to the shape of the sculpture requires previous experience and skill in reconstructing fibreglass to ensure the structural integrity of the sculpture. It is important that the sculpture has no breakable protrusions and is sufficiently robust to survive being climbed and rained on for 8 weeks.
  • Artists are particularly discouraged from creating any attachments to the penguin’s feet as this may interfere with the basing process.

When thinking of designs, you may wish to:

  • Think about Worcestershire and Worcester City Centre, their culture, sporting prowess, architecture, geography and history.
  • Consider the sponsors – they will be selecting designs – take a look on our Sponsors page to find out who they are, what they do and what’s important to them.
  • Reflect on placement and backdrop against the iconic landmarks in Worcester City.
  • Consider the beneficiary – St Richard’s Hospice.
  • Review the Worcestershire landscape, its flora and fauna.
Download a Design Template

Artist FAQs

How are successful designs chosen?

There are two stages to the selection process;

Stage 1: the initial submissions will be shortlisted to 120 designs. Artists will be notified if their designs have been shortlisted to stage 2.

Stage 2: Sculpture sponsors will attend a selection event, where they will select their chosen design to adorn their sculpture.

Successful Artists will be notified following the Selection Event, which will take place in March 2024.

If successful, will I be paid?

If commissioned, you will be paid! There is an award of £900. Payment will be made in 2 instalments; 50% in March 2024 and 50% on return of the completed sculpture.

Some artists may choose to waiver this fee in support of St Richard’s Hospice, the beneficiary charity of the great Waddle of Worcester but this isn’t an expectation.

The Penguin Sculpture will be provided to you at no charge. However, cost of all materials, is your responsibility, with the exception of the varnish, which will be provided.

Where can I paint the sculpture?

Painting will take place in a public painting space located in Worcester City. Should you choose to paint your sculpture elsewhere, you will be responsible for associated collection and delivery costs, along with insurance.

When will I be required to paint the sculpture?

You will need to be available to paint a penguin for a period between Monday 18th March – Friday 3rd May 2024, allowing yourself enough time to complete the decoration process, varnish and drying time.

What happens to the sculpture after the trail period?

Following the trail event, the penguin sculptures will be auctioned in October 2024 to raise money for St Richard’s Hospice.

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